The only domestic violence/abuse shelter in Cleburne County, Arkansas. The mission of Margie's Haven House is "to provide shelter for all victims of domestic violence/abuse and their children." Our secondary goal is "to provide victims individual and group support, a 24/7 crisis line, and referral to appropriate community services and resources. Our tertiary goal is "to bring about awareness by making the community informed of the problems surrounding domestic violence/abuse."

Since 1989, Margie's Haven House, (MHH). has been at the forefront of helping victims and their children of domestic violence/abuse through their crisis. Margie's Haven House, Inc., (a not for profit organization), was founded in August of 1989 by a determined group of four women who had been victimized by domestic violence/abuse. To raise awareness and funds for the need of a shelter, the ladies spoke to any civic group, church, local businesses or organization that would listen. 

Today we continue to offer victims and their children shelter, food, a warm bed, basic clothing, and hygiene essentials, weekly support groups, appropriate community referrals, (such as medical help, dental needs, furthering education, referrals for legal counsel, finding employment, and child care). We also provide re-housing assistance, (including help with deposits as well as supplies needed for a new household and furniture items), among numerous other necessities. Our shelter has a full functioning kitchen; a living room, a playroom and private bedrooms and bathrooms. In addition; in order to serve victims with physical disabilities, MHH is compliant with the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA). Clients who are wheelchair bound have access to ramps, large doorways, bathroom and downstairs rooms. Every effort is made to accommodate those who need our services. MHH does not discriminate in any manner and serves all victims of domestic violence/abuse from any geographic location. 

Our shelter is designed just like a home and we require everything that a typical household would need, just at a greater capacity. It takes many resources to stay open and fully functional 24/7. As community donations fluctuate and Grant Funds continue decreasing, while victims we serve continue to increase, we are in need of fundraising events in order to raise funds to keep our shelter open and continue serving victims and their children of domestic violence/abuse. 


"A Place of Peace and Refuge"

Shelter for Victims of Domestic Violence/Abuse
Help available 24 hours a day!

(501) 362-6757
Heber Springs, Arkansas

  • We mourn those who have lost their lives due to domestic violence
  • We are able to touch the lives of victims in a VERY impactful meaningful way
  • We are passionate about helping victims set life goals and give them resources to achieve their goals
  • Every VICTIM we serve strengthens their skills and strategies to support the on-going safety of themselves and their children.
  • Every VICTIM we serve has a story to share & we want to listen
  • Every second, minute, hour, day, & dollar given towards our mission is an investment in the future of a family