*When you are ready to leave, understand that is when you are at the greatest risk. NEVER tell your abuser that you are planning on leaving.

* Leave when the abuser is NOT home

*Have a "SAFE WORD" and make sure someone you trust knows it. Something that can be said in a casual conversation or sent in a text that will not alert the abuser, but will alert the person you trust that you need help

​* Pack a bag with clothes for yourself and children, write down important numbers that you may need, list of medications, extra keys to your house and vehicles, and turn off GPS capabilities on your phone. Be sure to keep this bag hidden and out of site but easily accessible if you need to leave in a hurry.​

documents to take 

 It is best to try and grab as many important documents as you can before leaving, for both yourself and your family. ​

  1. Driver's licence / Identification card
  2. Birth certificates​
  3. Passport / Workers permits
  4. Social security cards
  5. Financial documents​
  6. Money
    1. ​Checkbooks, debt cards, credit cards
  7. Insurance documents
    1. ​car
    2. health
    3. life
  8. Custody / Divorce papers
  9. Clothes / Toys
  10. Medications
  11. ​Important phone numbers  

When preparing to leave

Shelter for Victims of Domestic Violence/Abuse
Help available 24 hours a day!

(501) 362-6757
Heber Springs, Arkansas

"A Place of Peace and Refuge"